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Published on October 19, 2015

Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze - Which Insurance Plan is right for your family?

All plans sold in the marketplace cover at least the same basic categories of the health care services, but plans will pay for different amounts of your health care costs.

The marketplace makes it easy to compare plans by dividing them into four categories based on how much health care each plan pays for. The categories are platinum, gold, silver, and bronze.

The type of plan you buy matters. Each plan requires you to pay a monthly fee (premium). But lower monthly premiums won't always save you money.

Bronze plans pay the least of your health care, so you have to pay more money during the year for services like doctor visits, but less monthly premium.

Platinum plans pay for the most of your health care but you pay more in monthly premiums.

Contact an UHS Advocate to help you with questions about health insurance options available on the New York State Marketplace or about Medicaid.

UHS Advocates, Renee Gordon at (607) 763-5586, Rena Henderson at (607) 762-2550, or Amy Wickizer (607) 763-5386, are available.