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Published on August 28, 2015

Look for HealthierU info in the mail

HealthierUThe UHS wellness program has become HealthierU. The new name symbolizes the way UHS Human Resources is strengthening and consolidating a number of wellness activities into the health coverage offered to you and your family.

A brochure detailing all the changes and requirements related to health benefits for 2016 is being mailed now to employees’ homes. Watch for yours in your mailbox, and be sure to read all the information carefully. The decisions you make about wellness now and during the Open Enrollment period this fall can have a major impact on your well-being - and on your wallet.

“We at UHS are working hard to help you maximize your savings on healthcare costs while continuing to benefit from high quality in the health services you use during the year,” said Mike McNally, vice president for Human Resources. “We take your wellness seriously, and want to give you every opportunity to manage your medical care affordably as you stay healthy for a lifetime.”

In summary, HealthierU includes the following:

You will continue to have the option of earning rewards that will lower your overall health coverage costs. At this point, it isn’t known how much your portion of the premium will be increasing for next year, but, nationally, many organizations are seeing increases of 7% to 10%.

UHS is continuing the tobacco-free program, whereby you can receive a discount on your portion of the premium by testing free of nicotine.

Based on suggestions from UHS employees, UHS will be expanding the program to include biometric testing, whereby you can connect with your primary care provider and complete a panel of biometric tests, including cotinine, cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass index and glucose. Doing so will make you eligible for another reward.

These rewards will also be available to your spouse, if your spouse is covered under the UHS health plan.

The brochure you will get in your mail at home will have all the important details about cotinine testing, biometric testing and your spouse’s eligibility.