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Published on December 17, 2015

Last minute Holiday gift ideas at UHS Home Care!

The Holidays are fast approaching. So, hop on your sled and slide over to UHS Home Care's Showroom for those last minute Holiday gifts. This month we are featuring two new products for the Holiday season.

The Flip pillow. This pillow is ten pillows in one. It accommodates every position and has support where you need it. The upper body, lower back, knees, legs, and more. The "Flip Design" allows for total comfort and support. Great pillow to have while watching T.V. in bed. Our other featured product is the Warm/Cold lumbar support. This item has maximum soothing relief for your lumbar back.

This lumbar support is also two products in one. Comforting lumbar support or use for warm/cold therapeutic relief to your lower back. This lumbar support has a built-in-sleeve for holding the warm/cool comfort. Perfect for home, office, and even in your car.

What's New

  • Last minute Holiday gift ideas at UHS Home Care!