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Published on May 20, 2015

Join Our Healthcare Panel

Sign up for the Care Compass Network Panel and you can get rewarded for sharing your opinion! As a panel member, we will periodically ask for your participation in online surveys. Your thoughts provided will influence the decisions of local and regional healthcare delivery!

To sign up go to:

Care Compass

More about the Care Compass Network Panel

The Care Compass Network team is developing an online panel of qualified and vetted individuals who have agreed to provide timely feedback to assist the project teams in developing effective programs and approaches so that the goals of Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP) in the region are achieved. The Care Compass Network panel members will represent four key stakeholder groups (1) individuals currently on Medicaid or without any health insurance; (2) area providers who provide healthcare services to the Medicaid and/or Uninsured; (3) representatives from community organizations that serve the Medicaid and/or Uninsured; and (4) community residents with health insurance (other than Medicaid).

On a regular basis, at least monthly, panel members will be asked to share their thoughts and an opinion related to various aspects of healthcare delivery or issues that impact receiving health care. Panel members will interact primarily through responding to online surveys questions, but may also be asked to participate in focus groups, in-depth interviews, and in-person group discussions. Access to the panel will be through the Care Compass Network Panel Committee. Requests will be coordinated through this group.

Individuals agree to serve on the panel on a voluntary basis. They are not paid and there is no specified time requirement. From time-to-time panel members will have the opportunity to earn honorarium incentives and participate in sweepstakes. These activities are used to keep panel members engaged and active. It is hoped that panel members will join and remain active throughout the life-cycle of the DSRIP initiative.

Anyone resident living within the DSRIP geographic region can join the panel and will be categorized into one of the four stakeholder groups. There are specific minimum threshold criteria for each group. RMS and the Care Compass Network panel committee will be looking to ensure that each stakeholder group’s minimum criteria are obtained.

To learn more go to: