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Published on March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Stay Healthy!

Do you love those seasonal green-minty shakes from a certain fast food chain? They are so yummy, but have you ever thought about what was in one of those treats? 
If you dare, check out this link….

Occasional treats are ok, but what can you do if you want them more often or just want to try a healthier version?  Never be afraid to experiment with healthy substitutions or try a new recipe. Here is a fun and easy recipe to try! We made them and they turned out really close to the real thing and only took a few minutes to blend up. (The same amount of time it would take to sit and wait in the drive through line.) 

Keep this healthy tip in mind: Allow yourself occasional treats. It never hurts to try healthier versions of the things you like. But, you can even overdo “healthy” treats. Remember, balance is key and everything in moderation.

Ingredients for Skinnier Green Saint Patrick’s Day Shake:
•*4-5 “Milk” Ice Cubes (any milk will do: cows, almond, soy, etc)
•6 oz plain or vanilla greek yogurt (about one single serve container)
•(optional) 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
•1/2 cup frozen spinach (or big handful of fresh baby spinach)
•1 packet (1 tsp) sweetener or your choice: splenda, stevi, sugar, etc 
•3/4 – 1.5 cup milk (any milk will do: cows, almond, soy, etc.  Use less milk for a thicker consistency)
•couple drops peppermint extract (<1/8 tsp)
•couple drops vanilla extract (add more if using plain yogurt and/or if omitting vanilla protein powder)



Directions for Skinnier Green Saint Patrick’s Day Shake:
•* Make “milk” ice cubes the night before. Make milk ice cubes for shakes, smoothies, and to avoid watering down iced coffee. You can use whatever milk you have on hand, but if you able, try to stick to lower fat or unsweetened varieties.

almond cubes
•Place all the ingredients in a blender
•Add milk slowly starting with ¾ of a cup. If you want a less thick drink add more a little at a time. We found about ¾ of a cup kept it at a milk shake consistency.
•Key ingredients are spinach for color (does not change the flavor too much), peppermint, and vanilla extract (add both to suit your tastes.)
•BLEND it all up

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