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Published on March 27, 2015

Fit Friday Tip:  Try cooking at home!

Cooking at home is not so scary, but more and more of us cook at home less and less often. Instead you opt for fast food, eating out, or prepackaged meals. Next time you go for one of those options you might want to check out the nutrition information. Often those convenient meals are full of calories, sodium, preservatives, etc. But, if you do a little planning, cooking a similar meal doesn’t have to take tons of time or money, and it will be so much better for you. 

Try making a meal plan for a week. Look at what you already have on hand and create a shopping list of only what you need. Check out local sales to get the best deals. Prep your food ahead of time. (For example if you know you need onions in 2 recipes cut them up at the same time.  Use what you need and save the rest.) Don’t forget a lot of foods are ok to freeze. You can freeze the left over for a quick go-to meal.  

Grab a few ingredients, some spices, and off you go!

There are many benefits to cooking at home

  • You control what goes into it (salt, oil, sugar, etc)
  • You control the portion sizes
  • You can limit the amount of preservatives and chemicals found in premade and boxed foods
  • It can be a fun family activity or a new hobby
    Saves money
  • You’ll feel good knowing you made something that tastes good and is good for you
  • You can adjust the tastes to suit you and your family.   Experiment by changing ingredients, spices, or try adding something new to it. 

MyPlate has some great information on cooking at home here.

Check out this YouTube video for a cooking demonstration with healthy Asian foods from the White House’s Chef.  

There are lots of cooking at home articles, recipes, and videos online.  Start exploring and try something new today.


Homemade healthier "(turkey) burger Mexican Skillet" - AKA the homemade version of the boxed pasta and hamburger dinner

“This is a classic busy-life style recipe with ground turkey, half a box of pasta some Mexican cheese (or any leftover cheese), some spices, one pan…….voila! Good enough for a small child or a hungry teens, and ready in under 30 minutes. Plus, it tasted nearly identical to the classic boxed version. I hope this will make an appearance in your house soon and get you and your family to try eating healthier home-cooked meals.”

Get the recipe here

Want to know what I did with my ground turkey? Made some simple, homemade, "hamburger helper". Healthier than the boxed...

Posted by Betsylife on Tuesday, July 2, 2013