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Published on March 26, 2014

Two UHS Practitioners Join Ghana Medical Mission

Joseph Pisani, RPA, Orthopedics, and Susan Converse, FNP, Pediatrics, of UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital, have volunteered to provide medical care to people in the African country of Ghana. The program is part of the Americans Serving Abroad Project (ASAP).

The group they have joined expects to serve an estimated 800 people during their work in Ghana. They will supplement the work of the limited local medical staff.

According to the ASAP website, the doctor-to-patient ratio in Ghana is about 1:10,000, so medical missions such as this one truly provide a much-needed service, especially in the remote villages where the volunteers will work. Services provided through the medical group traveling with Joe and Sue will include breast cancer screening; dental hygiene; optometry; hearing testing; diabetes care; hypertension and cholesterol testing; and general care, including treatment of cuts and worm infestations. For patients who require further treatment at a local hospital, the program pays their health insurance premium so they can receive free treatment.

Joe and Sue are looking forward to this opportunity. Sue stated, “I would like to thank Chris Kisacky, Dr. Addo and all of the administration for supporting this global medical mission work. I am grateful to work
with such a dedicated and compassionate team.” Joe added, “I have always thought it would be great to do something like this, but I never had the opportunity until now. I am looking forward to this and I am hoping it will be a life-changing experience for me."