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Published on March 25, 2014

Pennies from Heaven Fundraiser 

Pennies FundraiserThe annual UHS Delaware Valley Hospital fundraiser, Pennies from Heaven, was held at the Townsend Elementary School, in Walton during the month of February. Students brought pennies they had been saving all year, in envelopes, baggies and boxes and even large plastic milk jugs and containers! This community project is always a lot of fun and a friendly competition between classrooms as they compete for the lunch party that goes to the classroom that collects the most pounds of pennies. This year, Mrs. LeBarge's third grade class won.

Mrs. Gates’ AM UPK class, Mrs. Condon’s, Mrs. Wagner’s, Mrs. Carey’s, Mrs. Bayne’s, Mrs. Ammon’s, Mrs. Gavett’s and Mrs. Robinson's classes will also receive ice cream treats for bringing in the most pennies at their respective grade level.  Altogether, the school collected 832 pounds of pennies which added up to $1392.66. Each year the staff of the National Bank of Delaware County graciously counts the pennies and the Walton Country Store donates the lunch for the winning class.

The funds will be used for upgrades to medical equipment.