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Published on October 21, 2016

We conquer pain with 10,000 hertz  

HF10 spinal cord stimulation is now available in the Southern Tier. Doctors at UHS are using the latest in high-frequency electrical stimulation to treat chronic back and leg pain. The addition of HF10 therapy at UHS Wilson Medical Center makes UHS one of the largest and most comprehensive neuromodulation centers in the country.

HF stands for high-frequency and 10 stands for 10,000 hertz of current. The therapy uses an electrical implant that sends pain-relieving signals to the spinal cord. It has been shown to block pain significantly better than even other forms of traditional spinal stimulation. A Food & Drug Administration study has shown that patients treated with an HF10 implant have better pain relief, improved function and higher satisfaction.

Most patients report significantly less pain, increased freedom and a greater ability to return to everyday activities. UHS Wilson is one of a very few medical centers where state-of-the-art spinal stimulation services are offered by four providers - three neurosurgeons and an orthopedic spine surgeon.