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Published on February 10, 2016

UHS Delaware Valley Hospital Imaging Receives Clean Bill of Health

Recently, the imaging department at UHS Delaware Valley Hospital had two inspections one by the NYS Department of Health and another by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

DVH radiology staff 2016

The first was the FDA inspection of the hospital’s mammography program, which is required annually in order to meet the mandates of the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MSQA). The second inspection is performed every three years and encompasses the entire department.

Both inspections review that the department is conducting, in a timely fashion, the mandatory preventive maintenance on its equipment; a medical physicist is performing testing on the equipment as required and the radiation output levels are well within the designated levels allowable. They also review the department’s paperwork to assure providers are receiving results in a timely manner; repeat exams are tracked; and patient correspondence is completed.

Both inspection results had no deficiencies and therefore, UHS Delaware Valley Hospital had no need to perform any follow up actions or response to the inspections. The fact that the department received such stellar reviews can only be attributed to the team of people who work in the department. The lack of any findings in either report is a testament to the staff’s attention to detail and the pride they take in their work.

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