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Published on February 01, 2016

Sally Dean Award Winner Announced

Jill SThe Sally Dean award is UHS Delaware Valley Hospital’s highest honor. It was created in memory of registered nurse, Sally Dean, who during her tenure at Delaware Valley treated her patients, their visitors and her co-workers with true dedication, commitment and compassion.

Hospital employees are encouraged to nominate someone for the award and this year’s winner Jill Steele, RN was overwhelmingly nominated by members of the medical unit staff.

In reading the nominations, the typical terms and statements you may expect to find relating to a person who is a nurse were used: devoted, compassionate, empathetic, caring and patient advocate; “she spent time at the patients’ bedside listening to their concerns,” “a great supervisor, cares about you as a nurse and a person,” “always smiling.” However, it is a rare person who garners such respect and is held in such high esteem, that people will also say it is an honor and privilege to work with her, and to use the terms of mentor, role model, and inspiring. Those sincere sentiments made Jill the perfect person to be recognized as this year’s Sally Dean award recipient.

Jill started her healthcare career as a candy striper at Delaware Valley and went on to become a registered nurse. It is obvious, that by sharing her knowledge and her love with both patients and staff members, she has made a lasting impression on those who have been lucky enough to know her.