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Published on August 01, 2016

Heart Institute expands at UHS

Providers move to 30 Harrison Street

For a list of providers and their current or new locations, click here or below to read the announcement for patients.

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The UHS Heart & Vascular Institute is expanding to provide an ever-wider array of services to patients in the Southern Tier.

Located at UHS Vestal and at Wilson Square on the campus of UHS Wilson Medical Center, the institute combines the skills of more than 30 providers offering care in 14 medical and surgical specialties.

Services include cardiology and interventional cardiology, sports medicine cardiology, pediatric cardiology, cardiac and vascular surgery, and cardiac electrophysiology.

There is a structural heart program, and specialized clinics have been launched for patients affected by congestive heart failure, heart valve conditions and coagulation issues, as well as for those ursing cardiac devices, such as pacemakers.

Five providers who were members of the former Cardiology Associates medical practice in Johnson City recently have joined the institute.

They are: Owais Ahmed, MD, FACC; Paul Traverse, MD, FACC; Michail Vitellas, MD, FACC; Kristen Lewis, FNP; and Geoffery Rosevear, FNP.

The addition of those specialists brings to 32 the number of medical doctors and other practitioners who are providing care at the institute, making it one of the largest heart programs in central New York.

The providers are:


  • Owais Ahmed, MD
  • Syed Ahmed, MD
  • Hisham E. Kashou, MD
  • Sreekanth Kondareddy, MD
  • James O’Brien, MD
  • Roman Pachulski, MD
  • Keyoor Patel, DO
  • Afzal ur Rehman, MD, PhD
  • Waseem Sajjad, MD
  • Shailesh Sharma, MD
  • Paul Traverse, MD
  • Michail Vitellas, MD
  • Alon Yarkoni, MD
  • Ashlee Fish, NP
  • Kristen Lewis, FNP
  • Enid Nixon, NP
  • Geoff Rosevear, NP
  • Jessie Shefler, NP
  • Michele Thomson, NP

Cardiac Surgery

  • Ahmed Khan, DO
  • Kenneth Wong, MD
  • M. Bashar Yousuf, MD
  • Michelle Matheson, PA

Pediatric Cardiology

  • Nader Atallah-Yunes, MD
  • Craig Byrum, MD
  • Matthew Egan, MD
  • Frank Smith, MD

Vascular Surgery

  • Leonard Anderson, MD
  • Mark Brennan, DO
  • Adam Cloud, MD
  • Ashley Ford, PA
  • Katherine Rivard, PA
  • Karen Dunham, PA

In addition to physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, the program also employs nurses, technicians, therapists, and office and support personnel.

And patients of the institute can access the services of cardiac nurse navigators Melody Barton, RN, and Pamela Paugh, RN, to coordinate their care.

Many advances have been made recently in the science of cardiovascular care, thanks to expanding knowledge, better medications and new surgical technology in the field.

As a result, the institute has greater capacity than ever to provide state-of-the-art care to patients in the Southern Tier.