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Published on October 31, 2016

DVH Environmental Services recognized

Date: October 26, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Dotti Kruppo, Director, Community Relations

UHS Delaware Valley Environmental Services Recognized for Second Time

For the second time in just three quarters, Stan Suchy, manager of the UHS Delaware Valley Hospital Environmental Services department was notified that he and his team are being recognized by Crothall Healthcare, a national firm that manages environmental services throughout the UHS system.

Below is an excerpt from the congratulatory letter, signed by Crothall President, Tom Racobaldo:

“On behalf of our company, I want to congratulate you for winning the Crothall Quarter 2 HCAHPS Challenge. Your team not only achieved a score of 92.0, but also achieved an 11.4% improvement. These are both the highest HCAHPS score and the highest HCAHPS percent improvement in the Kiscaden division. Also, not only did you achieve the highest HCAHPS score in the Kiscaden division, but also scored the highest in our entire company. You were the best of over 400 hospitals! This is a great accomplishment.”

HCAHPS scores relate to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandated questions asked of patients in patient satisfaction surveys. These answers are reported to CMS, as a part of their assessment of value-based care.

Stan’s team includes 9 staff members; Amanda Mills, Lynn Schmidt, Kona Carmen, Frank Noviello, Geri McClenon, Jennifer Townsend, Lorraine Ray, Marlene Keen and Darlene Wright. Together they clean the hospital, 3 primary care centers, the finance and wellness building, the physical rehab and pharmacy building and one apartment.

“Whenever we have visitors from another organization touring Delaware Valley, they invariably comment on the cleanliness of the hospital,” said Dotti Kruppo, Director of Community Relations.
“I was very proud when the team was recognized in March, but even more proud that they have sustained and exceeded Crothall’s expectations,” said Paul Summers, President/CEO. “This is a tribute to not only the entire housekeeping team but also to Stan’s guidance and leadership.”

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