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Published on October 17, 2014

UHS Statement on Ebola Preparedness

UHS Hospitals has been working with the New York State and Broome County departments of health on Ebola procedures throughout the past summer, and these activities continue.  In accordance with CDC recommendations, UHS Hospitals has a plan for the identification, isolation and care of any patient suspected of having Ebola.

Staff at our emergency rooms, walk-in centers and primary care sites have received training to screen patients for Ebola, and drills have been conducted.  As CDC protocols and recommendations evolve over time, the training of our staff will reflect those changes.

To date we have not seen any patient who needed to be tested for Ebola.

We continue to work closely with federal, state and county officials on all issues related to preparedness.  Questions about Ebola risk and the public health implications of the virus should be directed to the CDC or to the health departments.