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If you are a member of the news media, this section of our website is for you. We at UHS maintain a Community Relations Department to provide the public and media with news and information about our organization’s programs, services, providers and activities of interest.

We work with journalists to develop stories about our healthcare system and the advances we are making in technologies, treatments and medical outcomes. All media inquiries about UHS should be made directly to our office:

UHS Community Relations
10-42 Mitchell Ave.
Binghamton, NY 13903


Carrie Davis
Director of Community Relations

Quick Facts about UHS

UHS is the Southern Tier’s largest and most comprehensive provider of healthcare services. Locally owned and not-for-profit, UHS is governed by a Board of Directors composed of people who volunteer their time and live in the communities we serve.

Founded in Greater Binghamton in 1981, UHS was formed through the consolidation of three long-established community hospitals. Over the years it has grown to encompass four hospitals, a home health agency, long-term care services and physician offices at many locations in Broome and surrounding counties. Devoted to high-quality, patient-centered care, the people of UHS pledge: We listen. We show respect. We give hope. Our mission is simply stated as “Ministrare,” the Latin word for “To Serve.”

The members of the UHS System are: UHS Hospitals (UHS Wilson Medical Center and UHS Binghamton General Hospital), UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital and UHS Senior Living at Chenango Memorial Hospital, UHS Delaware Valley Hospital, UHS Home Care, and UHS Senior Living at Ideal. The affiliates of UHS are the UHS Medical Group and the UHS Foundation.

For more information about the care, service and economic impact that UHS has on our community, click on these resources:

  • “Excellence Close to Home: We Serve and Benefit Our Community”
  • UHS System Annual Report
  • UHS Foundation Annual Report

A Statistical Overview of United Health Services

*2019 Data

UHSH - Wilson Medical Center & Binghamton General Hospital

CMH - Chenango Memorial Hospital

DVH - Delaware Valley Hospital

Total Beds 500

Hospital: 58
Nursing Home: 80


Total Inpatient Discharges

19,906 1,334 375
Total Physician Practice Visits 694,868 77,523 19,098
Emergency Dept: Treated & Admitted 13,999 588 129
Emergency Dept: Treated & Released 43,483 17,805 5,060
Total Births 1,650 231 --
Inpatient Surgeries 4,391 249 --
Outpatient Surgeries 15,506 1,883 --

News Media Access to Information

The leaders of UHS believe in the value of public information and welcome the opportunity to work with the news media in ensuring that the community is kept well-informed about healthcare in an accurate, clear and responsible manner.

At the same time, the safety, care and well-being of our patients and residents must always remain our primary responsibility, and this includes maintaining every patient’s and resident’s right to privacy and confidentiality, in accordance with the law and with the person’s wishes.

All media requests for information must first come to the UHS Community Relations Department. During regular business hours, please contact Community Relations by phone at 607-762-2336 or by e-mail at After hours and on weekends, contact the main number of the hospital associated with your inquiry and your message will be relayed to Community Relations.

While in the hospital or otherwise on the property of any UHS facility, all media representatives must be escorted by a member of Community Relations. Patients must sign a UHS consent form before they can be photographed, videotaped or interviewed.

Unless advance arrangements are made with Community Relations, television crews shooting video or live shots outside any UHS facility must do so from public property, such as a public sidewalk. Please do not block access to hospital streets, entrances or areas designated for patients, or park in areas designated for patients, visitors, ambulances or medivans.

Federal regulations contained in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) restrict the amount of information healthcare institutions can release about a patient’s condition to a single, one-word condition.

If a patient has not requested that information be withheld, and the request for information contains an accurate first and last name, we will generally be able to release the patient’s condition, as noted below:

  • Good
  • Fair
  • Serious
  • Critical

The guidelines above are consistent with those of the American Hospital Association and federal law. UHS is not obligated to release any patient information. We do so in the spirit of cooperation and in the public interest. We ask that our rights, and those of our patients, be respected.

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