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Why Buy EAP?

How EAP Can Help

If you would like to learn more about how the EAP can help you help your employees - while saving money in the process - please call us today at:

(607) 762-3357 or
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Consider how much signing up for our EAP can benefit you and your workforce.

If you're concerned about the high cost of employee counseling, the Business Direct Employee Assistance Program is your high-value, high-quality solution.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 20 percent of the workforce has personal problems that impact job performance at any given time. Thirty percent of all absenteeism and 66 percent of all terminations are related to employees' personal problems. Troubled employees are 25 percent less productive than the average worker.

What's more, behavioral health is often the second- or third-highest insurance utilization accessed by employees. Third-party payers always transfer this cost directly to the employer.

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are a proven, cost-effective solution to the employee-counseling challenge employers face today.

An EAP, especially a full-service, eight-session program like the one offered by Business Direct, can stabilize your behavioral health insurance costs. And because an EAP point-of-service, or gatekeeper, plan ensures that only clinically necessary referrals are made outside the program, employers can see a significant cost savings.

Research shows that each dollar invested in an EAP saves the employer $5 to $16. EAPs can reduce sick-leave use by 33 percent, work-related accidents by 65 percent, lost time by 40 percent, grievances by 50 percent and time spent on supervisor reprimands by 74 percent.

Having an EAP for your organization can help you attract and retain employees, increase productivity, boost morale, curb employee theft, promote workforce cooperation and enhance organizational health. You will give your employees a valuable, cost-effective resource in their efforts to balance their work and personal lives.

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