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Functions and Services (EAP)

Throughout the counseling process, the employee client and the therapist work in partnership to find resources and answers, and help the employee come to an acceptable resolution to the concerns and issues raised.


The first one to three sessions of the counseling program focus on assessment, in which the employee describes his or her concerns. The counselor takes a complete history and offers feedback and recommendations. During this initial phase, a risk assessment and a chemical dependency evaluation, if indicated, are completed. At this time, if the client and counselor agree that the concern may be effectively addressed by EAP counseling alone, they will schedule a series of one-to-one appointments to address the concern.

Solution-focused, Brief Therapy

Following assessment, therapy focuses on what the employee feels are his or her key needs, and supports his or her progress toward a realistic resolution of the problems. The EAP provides each employee or family member with one to eight sessions, each of which is 50 minutes long. When family group sessions are appropriate, each member of the group is counted as a client for utilization reporting purposes, and a family group is entitled to up to eight counseling sessions.


Sometimes, a problem will require more attention over a longer period of time than can typically be addressed in the brief therapy sessions. Our EAP professionals have the training, knowledge and connections to provide the employee with a referral to an appropriate psychologist, psychiatrist, chemical dependency program or other type of counseling program in the community or region. Referrals are made based on the employee's issues and his or her mental health benefit coverage, as well as considerations such as location and accessibility of the community-based counselor.

Crisis Intervention

If an employee's situation is so intense that there is the possibility the person may harm himself or herself or someone else, the counselor can arrange for a crisis intervention. This is an emergency mental health response designed to deal with the immediate crisis and stabilize the individual.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

What if a catastrophic event were to happen at your place of business - an assault, a serious accident, the sudden death of an employee? No one wants to think about such traumatic events, but they can and do happen, and they can be very hard on everyone in the workplace. Our EAP offers critical-incident stress management, a method of intervening in such situations that has proven successful in helping people around the country deal with traumatic events. CISM provides defusing, debriefing and structured support to employees who have been exposed to a traumatic situation, and can greatly help them in coping and coming to terms with the severely stressful event.

Life-Enhancement Programs

Because of its association with UHS Hospitals, the Business Direct EAP offers a wide range of Life-Enhancement Programs through Stay Healthy, the hospitals' wellness program based at the Oakdale Mall. Stay Healthy is your employee's complete source for information, education, screenings, support and referrals that relate in any way to the person's health concerns, health awareness and overall well-being.

In addition to the counseling benefits, your employer recognizes the challenges of balancing  work with the circumstances of everyday life and also offers you a web-based Work-Life Resource and Referral Program.  When you call the toll free number at (866) 649-2392, you can be connected to a qualified Work-Life Consultant who will respond to your request for information thoroughly and promptly.  See Life Enhancement section of this site for a list of some of the included services.

Financial/Legal Consultation

Financial consultation and referral services for debt, budget and financial planning; as well as a free, 1/2 hour Legal Consultation with 25% discount for additional legal services.

Convenient Access

Client companies and their employees can contact the Employee Assistance Program by calling the main office during normal business hours at 607-763-6474 or 1-800-445-3569. An employee client also can call a counselor anytime, 24 hours a day.  The number is answered by EAP staff during business hours and by a master's-prepared counselor after hours.

We Respect Client Confidentiality

Confidentiality is essential to the success of any employee assistance service. The employee must feel fully confident that his or her privacy will be respected by the counselors and other EAP staff at all times. We take steps to ensure confidentiality of employee client counseling sessions and records, and these confidentiality procedures are thoroughly explained to your employees during the orientation sessions.

Upcoming Events

  • Baby Shower

    Baby Shower is a free program for those who are considering having a baby or currently pregnant and have questions about childbirth.

  • Breastfeeding Program

    Designed for the woman who has chosen to breastfeed her baby, or for the pregnant woman who is undecided about what feeding method is right for her.

  • Prepared Childbirth Program

    This program will discuss induction of labor, medications, epidural anesthesia, and cesarean birth