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Employee FAQ

What kinds of problems can the EAP help with?
Employees and their family members call with a wide variety of personal, work or family issues. Examples include job burnout, co-worker conflict, substance abuse, depression, marital stress, anxiety, parent-child conflict, life transitions, unresolved grief, single parenting, domestic violence/abuse, situational conflict, relationship issues, dependent care issues, and issues with a legal, financial or medical basis.

What is the EAP's definition of an eligible family member?
Eligibility includes all family members living in the same household, regardless of age, including domestic partners and children away at college.

When I call the EAP, will I be able to talk to a person, or will I just get voice mail?
You will get a live person - a member of the EAP staff - who can answer your questions or guide you in setting up an appointment.  Someone is available to take your call any time of the day or night.  The EAP's normal business hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, and it's best to make non-emergency calls during these times.  A licensed counselor is available for emergencies, around the clock, but may require a call back.

Who are the counselors who provide in-person counseling services?
The EAP staff are master's-prepared counselors, with a minimum of five years of clinical experience. UHS Hospitals maintains its own network panel, which consists of pre-screened, highly professional clinicians. We administer a rigorous admission process before we invite a clinician to join our panel.

How long does it take to get an appointment?
If you have an urgent need, you be will be offered a same-day appointment or be referred to Emergency Mental Health Services at Binghamton General Hospital. All other appointments will be scheduled within three business days.

Is my involvement with the EAP confidential?
Yes, this service is confidential. All employees and their family members are afforded the maximum confidentiality permitted under state and federal laws. The only exceptions to confidentiality include child/elder abuse, danger to self/others and releases signed by the employee/family member allowing EAP to communicate with the employer or other persons. (Normally, employees/family members sign a release only under special circumstances - for example, if there is a work performance problem and attending counseling is a condition of continued employment).

What if I am referred to a therapist I don't like?
If you are not happy with your assigned counselor, please contact the Clinical Coordinator at (607) 763-6474

What happens if I need more than the number of visits allowed by my company's plan?
The EAP counselors are trained in short-term treatment, up to eight sessions, and often the sessions provided are enough to stabilize and resolve the issue. If more than eight sessions are necessary, you may be advised to access the mental health benefits under you company's behavioral health plan. 

How much does this service cost?
The EAP is a benefit provided at no charge to you by your employer.

What other types of services does the EAP provide?
In addition to the counseling service, has many benefits through their Work-Life Resource & Referral Program.  You will find some of these services outlined  under the Life Enhancement section of this website.  They include resources for Childcare, Eldercare, Legal and Financial resources, Pet Care, Parenting tips, and many Daily Living resources.

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