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About the EAP

EAP offers many benefits to companies, their employees. The Employee Assistance Program is designed to help your employees and their family members deal effectively with everyday personal problems that impair health and productivity. These problems may include, but are not limited to: marital and family discord, financial hardship, legal difficulties, physical illness, mental and emotional upset, compulsive gambling, and substance abuse or addiction.

By selecting an EAP, you as the employer demonstrate your commitment to your employee, and take a big step toward reducing lost work time, absenteeism, accidents and loss of efficiency in your workforce. The EAP benefits your individual workers by giving them the opportunity for early identification of problems, professional and confidential help and someone to talk with outside the home and workplace.

About The Program

The Employee Assistance Program is a multi-faceted service, featuring brief therapy that focuses on solutions, as well as referrals for long-term psychotherapy, education and management support. Employees are made aware of the benefit provided by their employer through a promotional campaign designed to encourage use of the EAP. Employees can access counseling services through one of the following methods:

  • The employee recognizes a need and calls the EAP directly
  • The supervisor or a co-worker recognizes a problem and suggests that the employee contact the program
  • The supervisor has determined that there is a need because of the employee's performance problems, and requires that the employee get assistance within a specific time frame as a condition of continued employment

No matter how the EAP is accessed, the program is equally available to all employees and their family members (those residing in the employee's home). An employee or a family member will be provided with one to eight sessions with a personal counselor, and may contact the EAP for help with subsequent issues should the need arise.

Supervisors often find that an employee's performance issues have a root cause in, or are accentuated by, personal issues. As an employer, you will find that contracting with our EAP will enable you to better support your supervisors as they assist their employees in dealing with personal issues. When there is access to the EAP, no worker - or supervisor - has to "go it alone."

Upcoming Events

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    Baby Shower is a free program for those who are considering having a baby or currently pregnant and have questions about childbirth.

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    Designed for the woman who has chosen to breastfeed her baby, or for the pregnant woman who is undecided about what feeding method is right for her.

  • Prepared Childbirth Program

    This program will discuss induction of labor, medications, epidural anesthesia, and cesarean birth